Al-Talayi Bridgestone Strategic Partner for the National Auto Award 2020 in Saudi Arabia

Al-Talayi Company Limited, the sole agent of Bridgestone tires in Saudi Arabia, announced that it has become a strategic partner for the National Auto Award in Saudi Arabia, which is considered a key step for the automotive sector to learn about the market trends and those who are interested in it. “PR Arabia”, the agency specialized in the automotive sector, announced the renewal of its initiative, the eighth edition of the “National Auto Award 2020”, which will begin its first stages this month.

Some amendments will be made to the Award sections while the number of categories that have been withheld in the past years will be expanded in addition to the growing interest in the motorsport sector after the effective steps and the great development taking place in motorsport in Saudi Arabia at the local and international levels. That is after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted two major events – the Dakar Rally held in Saudi Arabia for the first time in the history of global motorsport in addition to the official launch of the Saudi Motorsport championships as well as the significant achievements made by the Kingdom’s champions in this regard.

A number of prizes will also be allocated to works related to modern technologies in the automotive world and dealers who are interested in this future technology in addition to the 2020 new models.

Special awards will be allocated to the special categories directly related to the automotive business, including (media – marketing campaigns and future hybrid and electric cars), in recognition of their efforts made in this field.

Commenting on this partnership with this year’s Award and its official announcement, Mr. Badr Al-Marzouki, Marketing Manager at Al-Talayi Co. Ltd., said: “We are proud to enter into a strategic partnership with this initiative and we will work with its management department to develop the categories and work to make the competition more effective. We always seek to know the automotive market trends and its variables, hence, this initiative constitutes a compass that determines the market direction. The initiative’s confidence, credibility and dynamism led us to enter into this partnership in addition to the fact that it reflects our strong commitment to engaging with our clients in the automotive sector and its support services to enhance the automotive market and its related industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” Al-Talayi Company Limited is the largest distribution network for Bridgestone tires in Saudi Arabia and the largest distributor of Bridgestone in the Middle East and North Africa. As an exclusive agent, the company is headquartered in Jeddah, where it owns 11 Tire Service Centers and 14 wholesale points of sale scattered and geographically distributed in the cities of the Kingdom. The company celebrated 70 years of strong partnership with Bridgestone, making it one of the longest-running international partnerships in the Kingdom. On this occasion, Al-Marzouki concluded: “The secret behind our successive achievements lies in our close cooperation based on solid foundations established by the founders of the two companies. We are currently at the forefront of the Saudi tire market and constantly strive to provide the best products with top-notch service.”