National Auto Award

PR ARABIA is a services entity managed by a team of experts involved for more than 25 years in the areas of media and marketing in the automotive sector. PR ARABIA aspires to consolidate the concepts, standards and values in line with the achievements of the modern era in the world of public relations. PR ARABIA aims to serve the commercial and economic entities within the framework of professionalism and strong partnership with seekers for success in their business. PR ARABIA believes that its mission requires to play vital role in serving the community while maintaining its identity and culture and spread the values ​​of civilization and humanity​​.

Award Objectives

The award is given by PR ARABIA aiming to appreciate and support all efforts made ​​by the creators in all sectors of the automotive world to which serve a wide segment of society. The first beneficiary of the outstanding achievements in the automotive world is human and therefore he is also the main beneficiary of the award since it encourages the competition for satisfying him.

Award Principals

The goal of the award is away from any direct or indirect benefit to any member of the award jury. They are committed to apply this principal through justice, transparency, accuracy and objectivity when choosing the winners. The jury will announce their decisions to the public through the media supported by the information that strengthens the award credibility and confidence.

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Al-Talayi Bridgestone Strategic Partner for the National Auto Award 2020 in Saudi Arabia

Al-Talayi Company Limited, the sole agent of Bridgestone tires in Saudi Arabia, announced that it has become a strategic partner for the National Auto Award in …

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